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Town Hall   freccia

The town hall was opened on 12 th April 1936. The building which was erected on four floors, covers an area of 5000 square metres with a covered walkway and a central courtyard which is taken up by a stairway “of honour” which divides into two leading to the official rooms. The design is typical of the fascist period. The Reception Hall or Salone dei Marmi as it is known today, is the most important of all, where in 1944 the first Council of Ministers and the United Nations Government met. Famous for its multicoloroured marble flooring and wall coverings in red, blue and gold mosaic, the same colours which represent the town hall, its opal lights shaped like fountains and its paintings by the Salerno artist Pasquale Avallone. A group of bronze statues sculptured by Gaetano Chiaromonte which were recently renovated are to be admired. Next to the Marble Hall, is the Sala delle Commissioni known today as the Sala Giunta (Council meeting room). On the opposite side of the Marble Hall is the Sala del Gonfalone covered by a glass square tiled ceiling. Following on from there is the reception room, the Mayor's, Vice Mayor's and General Secretary's offices. Nearly the whole of the ground floor is taken up by the Augusteo Theatre: a wide monumental hall characterised by a vaulted ceiling in reinforced cement. The illumination is provided by hundreds of small neon lights. The theatre seats up to seven hundred people. Recently restored and re – opened to the public after many years of inactivity, today it is a sought after place for all kinds of performances.