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Salerno Capitol   freccia

Salerno, with its 80,000 inhabitants, filled a role of great importance. The people of Salerno, aware of this exceptional moment felt proud to host the Italian government, a pride which showed in the way everybody competed, offering whatever was needed for the honour of the country.

Among the many problems that the italian government had to deal with during the winter and spring of 1944, some more than others can be recalled. Despite all difficulties, important risults were obtained. The food problem was solved by rationing. The re establishment of comunications and the rebirth of the University of Salerno took place. The school of Medicine had been suppressed during the French decade and on the morrow of Italian Unity, the last remains of the University of Salerno had been abolished by Francesco De Sanctis, Minister of Education and Rector of the University of Naples. A school of teaching (Magistero) is opened at Palazzo Pinto in Via Mercanti. The work carried out by Giovanni Cuomo from Salerno, first as under secretary then as minister of the Badoglio government was essential. The neapolitan accademic authorities rose up, underlining the lack of cultural traditions in Salerno. But the shortsightedness and the patrotism of the neapolitan body of accademics, supported by Adolfo omodeo, rector and Minister of Education were unable to prevent the re-opening of an important page in the cultural and social life of the town during the days of Salerno Capitol.

On 4 th June, during the liberation of Rome, Vittorio Emaunuele II entrusted the deputyship of the kingdom to his son Umberto, as previously estabilished. Badoglio was succeeded as President of the Council of Ministers by Vanoe Bonomi who continued to hold meetings up until August, when the government returned to its original seat after everything returned to normal in Rome. At this point the Salerno Capitol adventure ends. Salerno played its role as capitol for little more than five months. However in that short, dramatic and busy time, Salerno played an import part in the forming of the new Italian state. (Gabriele De Rosa, speech “Salerno Capitol” - convention Salerno 14.07.1994).